About my blog.

Dear reader of my blog. I wanna use this blog to write about my everyday life. I'm a drug addict in recovery. I want to take you with me on my journey. The blog will contain, everything from short stories in the everyday life to my deepest thoughts and reflections. Tomorrow is Christmas eve, so have a great day tomorrow.

Best wishes to you from:


Jørgen Michaelsen

Closing in on us.

It's almost midnight, the night before Christmas.

I'm as prepared as I can be, I had a good talk with one of my therapists. As a preparation before the celebration tomorrow. Both my parent's and I know that I'm at the safest place I can be right now. I'll leave my head here for tomorrow, but my heart will travel to another place.

 That's right, my heart will be at my parents house. Earlier I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. They told me that they already had received it.


Well I can tell you this much, I'm at rehab... 

... And I said yes yes yes... 🎶🎼🎵


A song comes to my mind.... 


So, back to my story. Both my parents and i are happy that I'm here. 



Well folks.. As they say.. To be continued

And have a nice Christmas holiday. 


Best wishes to you all



Third day of Christmas.

Hello dear world. 

This was the last day I could sleep late. So I did.. I missed breakfast, but that is totally ok. It has been enough food to eat theese last days. Finally a few normal days ahead.

We had bingo today, didn't win, but that is all right. I have just won my life back, actually a new and better life.

Today I think I'm going to do a little painting. I have two canvases ready. I painted them black before Christmas. Not sure what to paint yet, I guess I'll find out as I go. Just like life itself. I'll show them to you, when I'm finished. 

Until next time

Best wishes from


A normal day, in rehab..


This was the first normal day, after Christmas. It was good to finally go back to normal days, well if you can call the day's in rehab normal.. 😁

We had two groups today, got pretty tired after those two meetings. I choose to share a lot of my reflections in the groups, because I want to get as much as possible out of the time I have here. 

I also got a very good message delivered today. I had applyed for help with my rent. And I got the help, so thanks to my hometown. 

Well, almost time for bed, tomorrow is a new day, one step closer to a life in sobriety. 

I wanna live a straight edge life from now on... I really do.. 

Best of luck to everyone.. 


Jørgen Michaelsen 

Second day of Christmas

Hi there. 

Just dropping by to say hello. The Christmas holiday Is going better than expected. The last 6 years hasn't been the same, quite opposite in fact. I told you earlier that I am a drug addict in recovery. Well, a Christmas without the family has been very hard for me. So I'm pretty used to drown myself in different kinds of drugs, just to feel the numbness. Some may call that cowardly. Other's understand what I'm talking about. 

So that's why this year is different. Now I can look forward to next years Christmas. Hopefully with my family. 

Take care of one another. 

Best Christmas wishes to all.